Did It Work?

Sporting Goods Intelligence estimates Converse shoe sales increased 24.5 percent in 2004, over 2003, reaching $305 million.

Within the first three weeks of the Converse Gallery Web site launch, it received more than 400,000 visitors. To date, there have been more than 3.1 million visits, with average time spent at 7 minutes. Traffic to Converse.com was also up 140 percent since the campaign began and 200 percent in the fourth quarter of 2004, driving an estimated 30 percent increase in year-over-year online sales.

The agency has received more than 750 film submissions so far, and Converse customers continue spreading the word about the gallery project globally.

The gallery campaign has helped Nike preserve Converse’s urban appeal while creating all important word-of-mouth amongst trend setters. While Converse sales are not broken out by Nike, the business unit containing Converse has reported 12 percent and 20 percent increase in revenue in the two full quarters since the launch. Nike’s net income is up 25 percent, partly due to healthy Converse growth.