Dial to Unwrap ‘Clean Hands’ Campaign

Henkel’s Dial Complete is launching an effort that centers on an online video contest, via YouTube, where contestants submit their most creative take on hand washing.

The effort, dubbed “Campaign for Clean Hands,” includes a contest for those under 18 and a  Web site, Campaignforcleanhands.com, both launching in September. The home page features games, puzzles, a hand washing chart and other interactive features used to promote the brand.

As 2008 is an election year, Dial chose to incorporate the theme into its contest. The “Campaign for Clean Hands” asks consumers to create a speech, song, jingle or rap touting the importance of clean hands. Dial and its pr agency, Liggett Stashower, Cleveland, will serve as judges.

Other companies are making similar marketing plays on the presidential elections. Denny’s, for example, last week kicked off its “America Votes for Real” contest, as part of which John McCain and Barack Obama look-alikes can submit a video of themselves advocating “real breakfast.”

Dial is getting the word out through a combination of e-mail blast, radio media tours, TV placements and merchandising vehicles at retailers. The contest, which coincides with National Clean Hands Week in September, runs for two months.

Prizes include money for the winner’s local community, said associate brand manager Kavita Surapaneni, “and they’ll be able to take their Campaign for Clean Hands to where else . . . but [a trip to] our nation’s capital: Washington, D.C.”

Christopher Sommer, senior brand manager for Dial Liquid Hand Soap, said the contest helps generate brand awareness by reaching consumers where they’re most likely to be found. “The prime target