Deutsch Airs New Snapple Work

Reincarnation, ‘Good Fruit Gone Bad’ Are Among Comedic Themes
NEW YORK–Feeling the pinch from brands like Fruitopia, Triarc Beverage’s summer ad blitz for Snapple tilts toward more product-focused messages in new work from Deutsch.
One spot is based on the premise that in the next life, you are reincarnated as what you desire most. While walking down a busy street, an unseen hero becomes the victim of a construction accident and wakes up on the bench at a pro football game. The punchline: He’s not a gridiron star, he’s a bottle of iced tea, which is guzzled swiftly by a sweaty player.
A second spot riffs on the concept of “good fruit gone bad,” and features a rotten peach attacking a cop car on a seedy urban street. The star is Snapple’s “director of fruit relations,” who runs a sanitarium for “good fruit.” As fruit characters frolic on a pristine lawn behind him, he explains: “At Snapple, we’ve created a place where good fruit can come to get even better.” Both ads open with the familiar cap coming off a Snapple bottle and close with, “The best stuff’s in here.”
That spot is intended to differentiate Snapple from fast-growing, plastic-bottled rivals laden with preservatives, said Deutsch creative director Andrew Beaver.
Both spots were expected to air briefly this past weekend, with the main flight to commence April 19.
Triarc said the total media budget is $30 million and includes a variety of alternative venues from sand impressions at beaches to whimsical classified ads with come-ons like, “Single white peach drink seeking “
Also possible this summer: A spot starring figure skater Tara Lipinski. The role of ads from last year’s campaign, which featured the “giant Snapple abacus” and other surreal concepts, has not been decided.