DentsuNext Backs Sharp Copiers

DETROIT Can you say “multifunctional peripherals” in ad copy and make it work? Doubt it.

Sharp’s campaign for its new MX series of copiers skirts the office-geek speak with a simple tagline, “Work without limits,” to let the buyer know that this unit can surf the Web and deliver copies of a report from any network to which it is connected.

The campaign, via DentsuNext, New York, formerly Colby & Partners, breaks Friday with national cable buys including CNN, CNBC, the History Channel and Fox Sports. Print will appear in business weeklies and a number of vertical publications in government, law and education.

Online buys will run on the sites of most of those in print.

“We call it a multifunction portal, but we can’t really say that in a 30-second broadcast spot,’ said Mike Marusic, vp, marketing for Sharp’s imaging and information group. “It’s hard to bring this technology across.”

But the crux of the technology is that an office worker can walk up to a Sharp MX, dial up a report and print it while checking on a good restaurant to take a client, all on the copier’s LCD touch screen.

The voiceover in the spot says, “All of your network’s systems can be accessed right from the MFP customizable panel.”

Sharp’s 450 dealers will also receive a tutorial in how to demonstrate what the broadcast ad portrays, including a harried-looking office staffer checking his watch and walking up to the printer. He prints out a report, then, copy in hand, presses a button that directs him to a local steak house.

“Each dealer will get a demo kit that will allow them to replicate the ad in the showroom,” Marusic said. “Rather than explain, they can demo it.”

Sharp’s office products division spent $7 million on ads last year and $4 million through July, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.