Anything can spark a protest–including killing fire ants.

Just ask the creative team from BBDO West in Los Angeles. They created the award-winning series of radio spots for the Antstop Orthene Fire Ant Killer product from Ortho.

While the ads became the first radio campaign to ever win the Grandy award (and the $50,000 prize) at the 33rd International Andy Awards (award shown below) show in New York, the creative team said the spots were nearly pulled due to protests by infuriated animal rights groups.

‘They didn’t like our attitude; they thought we were too pleased about killing fire ants,’ laughed April Winchell, who teamed with husband Mick Kuisel to produce the spots with Radio Savant.

One spot notes that fire ants ‘have to die, and they have to die right now. You don’t want them to have a long, lingering illness, you want death. A quick, excruciating, see-you-in-hell kind of death.’

Kusiel said they came up with the idea after his research showed fire ants were ‘nasty little abominations that had to be destroyed.’

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