Dean Looks Online for Ad Guidance

NEW YORK Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has asked online voters to choose one of three ads to run in Wisconsin leading up to the Feb. 17 Democratic primary in that state.

Dean has said that if he loses in Wisconsin, he will withdraw from the presidential race. He has yet to win a primary or caucus and has lost to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry in primary states like New Hampshire, where he was once expected to win.

The three spots, which were produced by the Dean media team and supported by Project Deanlight, a grassroots group that supports Dean’s candidacy, feature average Americans talking about why they favor Dean.

In the spot “Max,” an African American claims adjuster says, “When all the other Democrats were laying around like, ‘Oh, I’m so afraid of Bush I can’t do anything at all,’ Howard Dean came out and said he was against going to war with Iraq …I like this guy.”

In a second spot, Mike, a stockbroker, discusses his Republican background and says he likes Dean’s gun control stance. In the third spot, Steve, recently unemployed and from Massachusetts, feels that Dean distinguishes himself from the rest of the Democratic candidates.

The spots can be viewed on or

Dean will also run several traditional ads in Wisconsin leading up to the primary.