Dean Looks Beyond Iowa, N.H.

NEW YORK Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean next week will expand his advertising presence to include the states of South Carolina and New Mexico, said Dean media strategist and campaign manager Joe Trippi on Friday.

“We will begin a sustained buy in South Carolina until the South Carolina elections, and the same for New Mexico plus have a substantial presence of people on the ground in those states,” said Trippi of Alexandria, Va.-based Trippi McMahon & Squier.

Trippi also said that within the next 7-10 days, the campaign will launch sustained media buys in Arizona and Oklahoma, along with a significant grassroots presence in those states. While many of the other Democratic candidates are limiting their campaigns to one or two states, Dean is pursuing a 50-state strategy, he said. Trippi did not discuss ad content.

The campaign will also air a 30-minute TV program in Wisconsin that will encourage supporters to donate money. The infomercial includes bio segments about Dean’s career as a doctor, said Trippi. That paid spot will air on Sunday, Dec. 7. The campaign intends to move that show into other states such as Washington as Dean continues to build his grassroots support.