DDB’s Top Execs Take Us on a Tour of the Agency’s 3 U.S. Offices

How the legacy shop works in N.Y., Chicago and San Francisco

New York's Madison Avenue is where the advertising business started, and it remains the industry's spiritual home. Among its landmarks is 437 Madison, a modernist tower raised by architect Emery Roth in 1967, and home to renowned firm DDB.

It's been over 60 years since industry giants Bill Bernbach and Ned Doyle left Grey and teamed up with Mac Dane to establish a firm bearing their three names. DDB achieved global fame with its work for blue-chip clients like Volkswagen ("Think Small") and Avis ("We Try Harder"), and revolutionized the way advertising looks, sounds and feels.

Today, DDB remains a cornerstone of the industry, with 600 employees in three U.S. offices, each of which has a dynamic, unorthodox environment that we thought would be worth a visit. In this exclusive video tour, the DDB brass lead us on a tour of each workspace—in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.