DDB Unveils New Campaign Featuring Sting Spot

Agency’s Campaign Highlights Compaq Sponsorship of Tour
NEW YORK–DDB Worldwide broke a new campaign for Compaq Computer this weekend to highlight the client’s sponsorship of Sting’s new tour.
The 30-second spot from the New York office is the first of at least three TV ads in a global campaign that will also include print and Internet ads, said Dave Middleton, a representative for the Houston-based company. Compaq spends more than $300 million annually on advertising.
While Compaq is shelling out $7 million to sponsor Sting’s “Brand New Day” tour promoting the CD of the same name, Middleton said it was too early to determine the Sting campaign’s media budget. The ads will run through the end of next year when the the 80-city world tour
concludes, said Middleton.
The spot opens with a chair on a bare stage in an empty arena, with quick cuts of Sting talking directly to the camera. “To sing, for me, is the greatest freedom,” he says. Other shots show him rehearsing, practicing yoga and working on a Compaq laptop backstage. “All aspects of the creative process involve computers,” Sting continues. “The genie’s out of the bottle. We are computer people.” The spot ends with the singer greeting a Los Angeles audience as the words flash onscreen: “Brand New Day Tour. Powered by Compaq. Sting.Compaq.com.”
David Nathanson, DDB’s co-chief creative officer, said, “Demographically, the MIS- and IT-savvy crowd has a strong allegiance to artists like Sting. He has musical integrity but pushes the limits, which is very much like the spirit of Compaq.”
Compaq products power tour production offices, stage lighting and stage effects, Nathanson said.