DDB Gives Kit Kat a Different Beat

NEW YORK Sounds of the 1980s return in an estimated $15 million campaign for Hershey’s Kit Kat that begins airing next week. The three TV spots from Omnicom’s DDB New York feature a techno update of the candy’s familiar jingle.

In “Factory,” “Newsroom” and “Office,” employees are seen “taking a break” by biting into a Kit Kat and then break dancing to ’80s-style synth-pop music. This is the first time the brand’s “Gimme a Break” jingle, created by DDB in 1987, is not used in a commercial.

“It still has the ‘Gimme a Break’ equity in it, but is a bit of an update,” said John Staffen, DDB’s executive creative director who worked on the spots.

The ads attempt to convey the idea that Kit Kat is something to have during a brief respite that will give you a lift, Staffen said. “Kit Kat is a light chocolate bar, not a brick that will weigh you down.”