DDB Cheats Death for N.Y. Lottery

NEW YORK When death comes calling, it’s your time—unless you’re being paid $2,000 a week for life by the New York Lottery.

DDB in New York created a 30-second television spot to introduce the lottery’s “Win $2000 a Week for Life” game. Breaking Monday on tri-state network and cable stations, the commercial shows an elderly man defeating death in a variety of inventive ways. He pokes the Grim Reaper with a hockey stick through his front door’s mail slot, saws the floor out from under him and eventually ties him to a rapidly departing truck.

The ad plays off the lottery’s 10-year-old tagline for its “Win for Life” games, “You keep living, we’ll keep paying.”

A costumed stuntman was on the receiving end of most of the physical action. “All of the hits and falls were basically the real deal,” said Thomas Baginski, DDB creative director and copywriter on the spot. Art director Gary Rozanzski also served as creative director.

The ad was shot without dialogue and a minimal voiceover as a budget-conscious way to make it more accessible to Spanish-language viewers. The set was a home in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Bruce Hurwitt of Crossroads Films in New York directed the commercial; Chuck Willis of Crew Cuts in New York was the editor. Executive creative director was John Staffen, director of broadcast production was Bob Nelson and Walter Brindak was agency producer.