DDB Airs Its First Crunch TV Ads: Corporate Image Spots Revive the Hapless Bunny Character

DDB Needham breaks a $1 million corporate image campaign for Crunch Fitness this week that develops the character of the man in the bunny suit, as seen in TV spots from the client’s previous agency.
In the course of seven commercials, DDB’s first for the client, the bunny gets trounced at basketball, attacked on the street and ditched by a bar full of people. Through it all, he holds his whiskers high.
In one spot, the bunny talks about “Tiger,” but is actually referring to Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger, not golfer Tiger Woods.
All the spots end with the existing tagline, “No judgments,” and an animated version of the Crunch logo being crushed by a hand. The spots will run on ESPN, MTV, the Comedy Channel and other cable TV networks.
“The Crunch logo stands for no judgment, for fun. It means no matter who you are, you’re welcome with us,” said Marc Schattner, a creative director at the New York shop. “All the rest of the celebrity spokespeople talk about being a winner,” Schattner continued. “That’s a pretty tall order to fill. Most of us aren’t winners. Most of us are losers. We’re saying it’s OK to lose. You don’t have to be Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.”
Schattner said the campaign is pushing the Crunch brand rather than specific products or services, as the client also markets apparel, exercise tapes and other items. Crunch in New York does its media buying in-house.
Crunch president Doug Levine said he was pleased with the agency’s work. “I think people can identify with [the bunny character]. Crunch is trying to attract a diverse group, not just bodybuilders and Barbie and Ken types,” Levine said.
DDB won the account in January from McCann-Erickson in New York when Schattner switched agencies. Both the tagline and the bunny were developed at McCann. DDB’s last campaign for Crunch was a set of print ads which broke in May. Those concentrated on health issues but retained a humorous style. One said: “Look at it this way. The more you exercise, the healthier your lungs, the more you can smoke.”