DCX Links to Potter

DaimlerChrysler has jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon with a promotion that in cludes a free audio book for anyone who test-drives a mini van and theatrical ads that will run be fore the upcoming Potter film.

The promotion begins Nov. 2 with an e-mail that will be sent to thousands of po tential customers who have ex pressed in terest in buying a minivan either through Chry sler’s Web site or by returning a business reply card.

Over the next several months, two 60-second spots, originally created for TV by PentaMark in Troy, Mich., will screen in more than 2,500 theaters nationwide during the upcoming Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, as well as other movies, said Jay Kuhnie, director of Chrysler and Jeep Communications.

“Magic,” an ad that aired late last year, will be part of previews for the Potter movie and other G and PG fare, while “Family Album,” part of the automaker’s “Drive=Love” campaign, will run during adult-oriented films, he said.

Before the spots roll on the big screen, a slide detailing the promotion will be shown. In 500 of the largest theaters, a 7-foot cutout featuring a picture of the Town & Country minivan and the cover of the audio book will promote the test-drive offer in theater lobbies. The offer ends Jan. 7.

The minivan is aimed at families—exactly the audience the Harry Potter movie is expected to attract. Chrysler has found that showing thea trical spots is an effective way to target specific groups of people be cause audience composition can be gauged.

Chrysler spent $245 million on minivan ads last year, per CMR.