Daytona Beach as Family Mecca Is the Ticket

Relatively Speaking, Fry/Hammond/Barr Wins Florida Destination
ATLANTA–The City of Daytona Beach, Fla., last week awarded its $2 million Convention and Visitor Bureau’s creative and media advertising account to Fry/Hammond/Barr of Orlando, Fla.
Just Partners in Richmond, Va., and six-year incumbent Doe-Anderson Advertising and Public Relations of Louisville, Ky., were also involved in the review.
According to Daytona Beach director of advertising Kay Galloway, after presentations last Wednesday, the Halifax Area Advertising Authority split 5-5 on whether to retain Doe-Anderson. After breaking for lunch, the group returned and voted 8-2 to assign the account to Fry/Hammond/Barr.
“We took a fresh approach to the business,” said Jeff Sternberg, executive accounts director at F/H/B. “They’re trying to position Daytona Beach as a family destination. We took an aggressive posture on that and it got them excited.”
“[F/H/B] had some really interesting creative ideas,” Galloway said. “We’ve been known as a special events location: spring break, bike week, [Daytona 500] speed week . . . ‘special events’ can be a good word, it can be bad word. F/H/B said let’s not ignore the special events, let’s create new [family- friendly] ones.”
“We coined the phrase ‘family season’ to really go after and pay tribute to the family,” said Sternberg. “We tried to make our advertising as a planning calendar, so people know they might not want to go [to Daytona] in January or February, but June might be the perfect time to take the whole family to the beach.”
Sternberg also proposed an annual event called “The All-American Family Awards,” to be broadcast on television, that would link Daytona Beach with families the way Atlantic City, N.J., is associated with beauty pageants.
Galloway said location “had nothing to do with [the decision] at all. We’ve had this relationship with Doe-Anderson for six years, and there was never a problem [with] location.”
Doe-Anderson’s contract runs through Sept. 30.