David Rosenberg Joins IPG Media Lab

Mediabrands adds a new managing partner

Mediabrands on Wednesday named David Rosenberg to the position of managing partner of IPG Media Lab. Rosenberg will report to Quentin George, chief innovation officer of Mediabrands. 

Rosenberg joins Chad Stoller at the helm of the lab. Stoller, who assumed the role of managing partner leading up to the lab’s launch in the fall, and Rosenberg will have distinct duties when it comes to the division of labor. “David and Chad are going to be working in tandem on all the things related to the lab, but David’s focus is mostly going to be on the business side whereas Chad’s focus is going to be on innovation,” said Stephanie Morillo, Mediabrands’ senior communications coordinator. 

This new appointment comes just a few months after Reuben Steiger left his position as managing partner. Steiger, who took on the role in 2007, spearheaded the architecture of the New York lab, which launched in November. “Once that was done, [Steiger] decided to continue on,” said Morillo. When asked if Rosenberg’s appointment serves as a replacement for Steiger, Morillo told Adweek, “Not necessarily.”

Rosenberg comes to the lab after a short tenure as director of innovation at LBi, a global marketing and technology agency. Previously, he led the emerging media team at JWT in New York.