Danny ‘Speaks’ To Virginia

To educate people about autistic children, Bruce Goldman of Picture Radio in Richmond, Va., has produced a public service announcement for the Autism Program of Virginia. The PSA is airing on television stations throughout the state this month.
Releasing the TV spot in January serves three purposes: it is National Autism Month; because January is the lightest period for paid advertising, more time is available for PSAs; and the state legislature is in session and considering bills that will affect autism programs.
The spot features a video of a Richmond-area boy named Danny that was taken by his mother before he was diagnosed. Three different frames promise his first words at various ages, though in each image he remains silent. The ad then presents the following words, “Maybe Danny has autism. Maybe not,” before showing an information booklet viewers can request.
Thanks to discounts and donations, the agency was able to produce the spot for less than $3,000.
According to Goldman, Danny is doing well today.
–Jim Osterman