Dancing With Work Boots

CHICAGO Nonbox’s first work for CAT Footwear’s industrial and work boot unit breaks in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue later this month.

The Milwaukee-based shop was awarded the account, which includes media, last October based on an agency executive’s previous relationship with Dani Zizak, vice president of global marketing at the Grand Rapids, Mich., client. Nonbox’s office in Portland, Ore., is also working on the assignment.

CAT’s casual/lifestyle shoes division is handled by Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners in San Francisco, which also did advertising for work boots before the decision was made to divide marketing responsibilities last year, Zizak said.

Nonbox’s ads are aimed at 18-24 blue-collar men who want a work boot that also offers some style, Zizak said.

One print execution shows a pair of CAT “loggers” boots and the face of a hardhat. The headline: “You want dancing shoes, grab a hose, fancy boy.

Campaign spending was not disclosed.