Dances With Criticism

An ad for weather insurance has caused quite a storm north of the border.
2 Guys Who Do Ads in New York created the spot for, a Web site that insures vacations and events. The ad was set to break in Toronto last week but has been banned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., which cited its “Standards of Taste.” This document states that people of different ethnic backgrounds and ages “should be treated with dignity and decency.”
In the ad, a group of seniors takes “Learn-to-Earn Rain-Dance Lessons” from a guy in a suit and an American Indian headdress. “Feel the money coming around Think rain!” he says as the class dances, whooping.
Michael Migliozzi, 2 Guys creative director, said, “The spot is poking fun at human greed, not seniors or aboriginal people I could see [the problem] if we were doing something that had dwarf-tossing, but come on!”
The ad broke last week on New York cable stations and will roll out nationally by year-end.
–Emily Fromm