Dairy Group Seeks Media Shop

The Midwest Dairy Association is contacting agencies about its $6 million media buying and planning account, the client confirmed.

Chicago consultant Jones Lundin Beals was contacted to provide initial support for the review, but is no longer involved in the process, sources said. Officials at the consultancy declined comment.

MDA vice president of marketing Kevin Stiles is heading the search. Stiles confirmed the review but declined to say how many shops had been contacted or give a timetable.

The assignment is thought to be mainly radio and print, with limited broadcast, sources said. The incumbent agency is Bolin Marketing and Advertising in Minneapolis, which has been invited to participate, Stiles said. He characterized it as a “periodic review.”

The MDA, based in St. Paul, Minn., is funded by dairy farmers in nine states, including Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Illinois.

The MDA’s mission is to present “positive messages about cheese and milk,” through advertising and promotions, according to its Web site. Nearly 60 percent of its budget is spent on advertising, the site said.

Much of that is used to support the “Ah, the power of cheese” effort by DDB Chicago for and the “Got milk” campaign from Bozell, New York .