From Cycle Guy To Rough Rider

As one of the masterminds behind the annual “Ad Guy Ride” in Dallas, Hadeler Sullivan & Law principal Mike Sullivan admits he is a certified motorcycle nut.
Most other observers would probably agree, for the Dallas agency president is planning to concentrate on his favorite pastime in an unusual summer endeavor.
Last week Sullivan helped organize the Ad Guy Ride he and former partner Michael Ewing began four years ago. The event was expected to attract 250-300 riders this past Sunday (barring a rainout).
But cruising around North Texas on a loud road bike apparently is not enough for Sullivan.
He is planning to take part in the 1999 Texas State Championship motorcross series this summer, entering the 30-and-up class in the annual Lone Star competition.
It is a sport where the odds of winning are equal to the chances of being force-fed a set of handlebars on a rough bump. Still, Sullivan insists, “No, I’m not getting too old for this.
“Thanks for your concern,” he quipped.
-Glen Fest