Curves Celebrates Women

NEW YORK Curves International is about to jump-start the January weight-loss season with a new ad campaign that doesn’t focus on shedding unwanted pounds.

Instead, the updated effort, breaking Monday, aims to inspire and celebrate women. “The Body Campaign,” via Publicis Mid America, Dallas, consists of TV, online and radio, featuring a new tagline, “Your Curves will amaze you.”

“This campaign is the first in which Curves highlights the intensity of the 30-minute workout and makes a claim that the Curves method really works,” said Stephanie Ouyoumjian, client svp, director of strategy. The club currently boasts more than 4 million members at 10,000 locations worldwide.

Previous campaigns for Curves, Woodway, Texas, focused on building awareness for the women-only gym that has machines specifically designed for women’s bodies.

To better understand their audience (women, age 44-plus), Curves and Publicis conducted research that included the use of new proprietary tools such as Heart2Hearts, which are at-home talks with women, and Buzz Blast, which allowed them to monitor thousands of online conversations (technology originally developed for the military). Publicis did not initiate the online conversations.

“We monitored the online conversations so we could find out how women talked about Curves in a natural environment,” said Ouyoumjian. “We dug deeper to learn more about women and how Curves fit into their lifestyles.” What Curves and Publicis learned from this research became the basis for the new campaign—women at the center of all efforts, not the brand.

“For most women, losing weight and being healthier is about enriching their lives. It’s about being the best person they can be with the life they have, and the new campaign reflects this,” said Ouyoumjian.

Curves’ ad spend in 2006 was $22 million, with $17 million spent January through October 2007, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Ad spend for the new campaign was not disclosed.