Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, but enough already with the hearts and flowers. Instead, this delightful little message for Pinky Vodka, directed by Carolyn Chen of Savant Film, via Ground Zero, focuses on something we can all relate to: a contemporary Cupid whose work load has become “totally unmanageable.” The Love Bug explains that in the “olden days, he could shoot a few arrows and then take a nap.” Now, however, he has to “alter his distribution system” and “enlist the help of the family” (cut to a bunch of surly kids in a van.)
I never before pictured the Cherub as a non-criminal Tony Soprano-type family man, but that’s how he comes across here in this fresh take on the subject. He feels that his job is threatened, and call his boss to say, “who has been the number one producer on this northern hemisphere for the last three decades?”
One of the reasons for the increased workload is that “women everywhere are falling in love with Pinky Vodka.” But in the end, like the rest of us, Cupid is resigned to work “faster, harder, and more efficiently.”
I’ll drink to that.–Barbara Lippert