Crunch Welcomes Bodies of All Sizes, Shapes

NEW YORK Crunch Fitness asks members and prospects to love their shape in a TV, print and guerilla marketing campaign that aims to reinforce the gym’s “No judgments” philosophy.

Print ads from DiMassimo Brand Advertising in New York show geometric foam shapes as they “think” about their bodies. In one, an ellipse is positioned behind a dressing room door. Copy reads, “You suck, mirror. No way I’m this round … Check out my barrel chest. Must be the Hatha yoga.”

Print ads will run in local publications in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco and Mission Vieja, Calif. TV ads will follow the same creative strategy and will play on cable networks including E!, MTV, ESPN, Bravo and Comedy Central between 6 p.m. and 12 a.m.

Outdoor ads, which began appearing this weekend, will run through February.

Love your shape” is the campaign tagline.

“People often think of gyms as environments where near-perfect bodies practice exhaustive exercise regimens,” Mark DiMassimo, founder and creative director at DiMassimo Brand Advertising said in a statement. Crunch, on the other hand, tries to encourage members of all sizes to be comfortable, he said.

Campaign spending was not disclosed, but TNS Media Intelligence/CMR recorded that Crunch spent about $300,000 on ads through September 2003. No spending was recorded in 2002.