crosstown media traffic

Boston drivers have another distraction: video ads for Lycos Network on the tops of city taxi cabs.

Twelve executions created by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos primarily feature text and resemble Web banners. A wireless Internet connection delivers content to the taxi-top. Ads are displayed in real time and include weather updates and stock market quotes.

With the aid of a global positioning system, the ads will change as the taxis move from block to block, enabling Lycos to target specific zip codes, neighborhoods and city streets.

Lycos, Waltham, Mass., is believed to be the first company to launch fully animated video ads on the tops of taxi cabs. The technology was developed by wireless media company Vert, Somerville, Mass.

“They just wanted to explore an innovative new medium,” said a Hill, Holliday spokesperson, of Lycos’ decision to use taxi-top advertising. The program is expected to eventually expand to other cities.