Cronin & Co. Pushes Teen Spirit

A new TV campaign for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center emphasizes the hospital’s ability to care for adolescents.

A 30-second spot from Cronin & Co., Glastonbury, Conn., breaks this week in larger state markets such as Hartford and New Haven. Featuring a voiceover by actress Peri Gilpin, who plays Roz on Frasier, the spot shows teens playing basketball, walking through the halls at a high school and working after-school jobs. The shots are cut with close-ups of the teens introducing their ages as 14, 16 and 17. Several ask, “When are you going to treat me with respect? With trust? More like an adult?”

Teenagers are then shown being treated at the Hartford hospital, with Gilpin’s voiceover saying, “There’s nothing tougher than being a teen, unless it’s being the parent of one. At Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, we know teens are still growing emotionally and physically. So while we don’t treat them quite like adults, we do treat them and their families with respect.”

The spot closes with the hospital’s long-running tag, “Kids are great. We just make them better.” Cronin has used that tag in ads since picking up the business in 1998. Previous efforts focused on younger children.

“Parents have to make the decision [on health care for their kids], but with input from teens,” said Steve Wolfberg, chief creative officer at Cro nin. “Otherwise, they’ll be met with a lot of resistance.”

Similar 60-second radio ads, also using Gilpin’s voiceover, are in the mix as well. Spending on the account was not disclosed.