CRIME: Creating the most unfortunate ad of the

CRIME: Creating the most unfortunate ad of the year. EVIDENCE: DraftFCB placed this ad in a recent issue of a trade magazine, congratulating Cannes winners from last summer. Don’t look for it at next summer’s festival. Critics professed to having seen the same execution, headline and all, on frat-party posters back in the early 1980s, which doesn’t seem impossible. The rabid dogs (to switch animals for a second) had their way with the agency in AdFreak comments. By the end of the conversation, no one really ended up on top. READERS’ VERDICT: “Can you smell the liberated decades of direct mail long copy in this ad?” “Why don’t you give this ad the benefit of the overnight test? I did, and now I think it’s even worse than I thought it was yesterday.” “The ad is tasteless—yes. But guess what? Most people at DraftFCB are smart, creative—and are embarrassed about the ad. And knew nothing about it until the other day.” “I really did enjoy how a string of the posts above, all criticizing a lack of creativity in an ad, basically all repeat the same complaint about 40 times. Brilliant.”