Creepy, Kooky M&M’s Score

NEW YORK Everyday is Halloween at 000 Cemetery Lane, and M&M’s has joined the party. BBDO, New York, brilliantly spoofs The Addams Family in a spot introducing Dark Chocolate M&M’s with the candy characters cast as the creepy and the kooky. The spot re-creates the opening of the macabre 1960s sitcom, licensing the original tune. It opens on the family portrait with Morticia sitting in her wicker throne and gives close-ups of each character: Gomez with his pencil-thin mustache, Uncle Fester with a lightbulb in his mouth, Lurch at his organ. Any fan of the show will love it. There is even a deliciously dark game on the M&M’s Web site,, challenging visitors to find “50 dark movies in a painting.”