Credit Score: Piques Interest

NEW YORK, a financial aggregator, launched a campaign that attempts to scare debt-ridden Americans into taking control of their financial futures. This spot, created in-house, just might do it. While it’s hard to imagine someone drilling holes through a neighbor’s floor to share the water from their shower, the 60-second commercial, stressing “Life in the poorhouse is no life at all,” certainly draws attention. The bleak imagery and use of close-ups help pique our curiosity about the story line, in which a woman blows up a plastic bath toy, only to discover that her downstairs neighbors have drilled through the bottom of the tub in order to bathe in the water streaming down from above. The voiceover explains, “Resources are often scarce in the poorhouse.” Despite the gratuitous casting of an overweight woman and the dismal portrayal of publicly maintained facilities for the needy, the ad, which ends with a call to action, gets the message across in cinematic style.