Creative: Best Spots – Visitors’ View

John Boone & David Oakley
We’re writing this review from poolside at Hollywood’s beautiful Sunset Marquis. Do we say this to impress you? No. The manager promised to upgrade us if we mentioned the beautiful Sunset Marquis in this article.
Star sightings so far include: Aerosmith, Brad Pitt, Shirley Manson (Garbage), David Spade, Ted Danson, “Al Bundy,” Abby Lovinger, Shaq/ Kobe/Rodman, Penny Marshall, Jermaine Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Fabio and Bob Barrie.
Now, for the stars of February’s Best Spots:
Snickers: Just when you thought they couldn’t get any funnier they do. This one is absolutely hilarious. Now that they’ve made fun of the elderly (“Chefs”), the nearsighted (“Refs”) and the big-eared (“Boxer”), there was only one demographic left to poke fun at: the follicly challenged (pictured, above). Are they subtly suggesting that eating Snickers will actually help you grow hair? Ingredients: milk chocolate, caramel nougat, peanuts, Propecia.
How simple can you get? No music. No dialogue. No celebrities. Just one actor. One location. One hair. One Show Gold.
And talk about effective. We’re scarfing down every Snickers in sight right now from the mini-bar here at the beautiful Sunset Marquis.
Ikea: This whole campaign was, you guessed it, funny. And simple. And real. There’s so much humor in real life–just look at the success of America’s Funniest Home Videos. That’s why the Ikea campaign works so well. We say campaign because we believe all four executions should have been included in Best Spots this month. These smart :15s feature simple human truths that we can really relate to: pissing off our wives, having too much junk around the house, filming hours and hours of video of our kids that we’ve never watched and embarrassing photos. We knew this campaign was a winner the first time we saw it on the “free cable” while staying here at the beautiful Sunset Marquis.
Volkswagen: First of all, one of us would like to thank the folks at Arnold for doing such a great job on all the VW work. It has brought one of us quite a bit of personal satisfaction. About two years ago, one of us bought a VW Passat wagon, and the other one snickered (no pun intended) at the choice. Thanks to your advertising, one of us owns a car with the hippest image around. Who’s laughing now, Mr. Minivan?
We digress. Or at least one of us does.
Talk about the ultimate escapism. Grandpa gets out of an old-folks home to road-trip with his grandson (pictured, left). Rather than jumping into the driver’s seat and flooring it, Grandpa climbs into the passenger seat, sits back, relaxes and enjoys his flight. Nonstop Jetta to Vegas. This spot is real. It’s honest. It’s human. It’s a :30 buddy film. (Not to be confused with a Buddy Lee film, the sequel to which we understand is due out soon.) Oddly enough, we rented a VW this trip, and it’s valet-parked right here at the beautiful Sunset Marquis.
Well, we gotta go. The bellman is here to move us to our deluxe bungalow.