Creative: Best Spots - September

Audi A6
A jazzy score complements this visually striking ad. The new A6 reflects off glass buildings, wet pavement and through a man’s eyeglasses. Along the way, there are glimpses of vintage Audis. The A6 “is the latest in the long history of exceptional cars from Audi,” says the VO. Portraying the A6 as the culmination of all that has come before it is a nice idea.
Agency: McKinney & Silver, Raleigh, N.C. CD: David Baldwin Art director: Mark Oakley Copywriter: Christopher Wilson Agency producers: Joni Madison, Regina Brizzolara Production co.: Gerard de Thame Films Director: Gerard de Thame Editor: Ian Weils, Ian Weils Editing Music: Joe & Co.

Banana Republic
This filmic ad combines shots of everyday people smiling, laughing, dancing and living with a great bluesy song. The color theme is earth tones, the reds and browns of suede. In fact, the last line of the song–“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and I’m feeling good”–says it all. You can almost feel the fabric.
Agency: In-house CD/music: Brian Leitch Production co.: HSI Productions Director: Peggy
Sirota Editor: Angus Wall

In a museum after hours, three dinosaur skeletons come to life, walk down the corridor and head for the guard station to watch Godzilla (the Japanese film, not the overhyped Hollywood version) on a portable TV set. “Everybody’s got heroes,” says the VO. Blockbuster guarantees it’ll stock the movies with your heroes.
Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York Group CDs: Manny Perez, Peter Murphy CDs: Randy Van Kleeck, Nelson Martinez Assoc. CD: Paul Safsel Agency producer: Rich Rosenthal Production co.: Jump Director: Jeff Preiss Editor: Mike Saia Music: Claude Letessler, Syberia

California Fluid Milk Processors Advisory Board
It’s time to feed her legions of cats, so Grandma heads to the kitchen in search of milk. But the milk bottle is empty, so it’s off to Plan B–mixing non-dairy creamer with tap water. “You won’t know the difference,” she tells her little babies. They know the difference–and they’re not pleased. The kitties close the blinds, lock the door and switch off the lights. Grandma’s a goner. Got milk?
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, S.F. CDs: Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein Art director: Valerie Ang-Powell Copywriter: Brad Roseberry Agency producer: Matthew Winks Production co.: Tate & Partners Director: Baker Smith Editor: Sheila Sweeney, Bob & Sheila’s Edit World Music: Asche & Spencer

Colorado Lottery
A fan of Lee Majors since his debut as Heath Barkley in The Big Valley, Best Spots is psyched to cross paths with the $6 Million Man. Over tea, Majors visits Mary Cunningham, winner of $1.8 million from the Colorado Lottery. Our smug hero pooh-poohs her accomplishment, claiming that Mary may now be able to buy a new home and a new car, but she can’t purchase “her own sound effects” like he has from his bionic-man days. This ad also makes a bold statement: The Leslie Nielsen-ization of Lee Majors has begun.
Agency: Karsh & Hagan Communications, Denver Creative director: Don Poole Art director: Bob Parker Copywriter: Tor Myhren Agency producer: Kim Fitzrandolph Production co.: Hungry Man Director: David Shane

A woman and her banker faceoff over a loan. She: “Are you sure this is the best rate you can get me on this house?” He: “Yes. I looked at a lot of banks.” She: “Define a lot.” He: “Close to 10.” “How close to 10?” “Very close.” “Eight?” “No.” “Three to five?” “Nearly. ” “Four?” “Three.” “I’m outta here,” says she. “Mom!” exclaims he. E-Loan offers a better way.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, S.F. CDs: Steve Silver, Curtis Melville Art director: Joe Kayser Copywriter: Rob Jamieson Exec. producer: Diane Hill Agency producer: Carol McCarty Production co.: Farmland Studios Director: Jeff Gorman Editor: Jim Hutchins, Nomad Music:
Brian Boyd Productions

Federal Express
“Opportunity Knocks”
A beat-up van from “Lucky Shamrock Expediting” pulls into a trailer park, and the delivery guy hands over a letter to Morty Briskin, CEO of Mort’s Pool Service. “Dear Mort: I’m delighted to inform you that you’ve been accepted to Harvard University,” says the VO, sounding like Dean Wormer from Animal House. “You’ve also been awarded a scholarship because of your outstanding accomplishments.” Unfortunately, Morty must respond by May 1978. Now let’s get this straight: Harvard uses an overnight service called Lucky Shamrock?
Agency: BBDO, New York Chief creative officer: Ted Sann Executive CD: Michael Patti Senior creative director/art director/copywriter: Donna Weinheim Agency producer: Maria Amato Production co.: House of Usher Director: Kinka Usher Editors: Sherry Margulies, Clayton Hemmert, Crew Cuts

Jaded to the bone, Best Spots usually chucks these heart-string tuggers into the scrap heap. Not this one. It opens with a young girl saying, “Surgery makes me nervous.” We learn Kristin had a congenital heart defect at birth, three operations by the time she was a year old, with more surgery on the way. Mixing shots of a hopeful Kristin and her concerned parents, this ad hits a nerve. “If I run and my heart doesn’t hurt,” Kristin says, “I’m happy.”
Agency: Kruskopf Olson, Minneapolis Creative director: Susan Kruskopf Art director: Bill Whitney Copywriter: Dan Mackaman Agency producer: John Lick Production co.: Azalea Films Director/ editor: Randy Shreve Sound design:
Echo Boys

“Bowling Alley”
Entering a bowling alley, three IKEA guys transform a couple of dingy lanes into a happy space. Flowered vases replace pins; bookcases hold bowling balls; comfy chairs and wooden tables spruce up the seating area. VO: “If IKEA has everything to make this space livable, imagine the possibilities for your home?” But what’s up with the French fries in the candy dish?
Agency: Deutsch, New York Exec. CD: Kathy Delaney Assoc. CD: Cheryl Van Ooyen Art director: Paul Meany Copywriter: Andy Hall Agency producer: Cheri Anderson Production co.: Tool of America Director: Chris Hopper Editor: Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler Music: Chris Girand Sound design: Chuck Smith, MacKenzie Cutler

Intel Pentium Ii
As one team goes on the attack during a soccer match, the second team’s goalie starts “processing” (don’t ask why). Starting with feet and ankles, a human being begins to form. As the opposing squad races down the field, the goalie–waist-high and running around like a chicken with its head cut off–is “still processing.” Finally, a shot is taken–score!–and the goalie runs into the goalpost.
Successfully building tension, this ad makes the viewer wonder if the goalie will be processed in time to stop the shot. A speedier Intel chip would have saved the day.
Agency: Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG, New York CD: Ron
Berger Group CDs: Michael Lee, Paul Wolfe Art director: Walt Connelly Copywriter:
Larry Silberfein Agency producers: Tom Meloth, Noel Tirsch Production co.: Propaganda Director: Gore Verbinski Music: Elias & Associates
itt industries
“hallelujah fish”
Frogs, turtles, whales, dolphins, crabs, seals and nearly every species of fish sing “Hallelujah.” Why? “Communities around the world are cleaning their water with the help of a durable pump engineered by ITT Industries,” says Hal Linden’s voiceover. It’s not exactly the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but this rendition of the classic song works in this cute spot.
Agency: Doremus, New York Creative director/copywriter: Rebecca Tudor-Foley Associate creative director/art director: Jeff Streeper Associate CD/ copywriter: Evert Cilliers Agency producer: Sherri Silver Production co. RSA USA Editor: Jonathon Del Gatto, Red Car Visual effects: Click 3X Music: Joe & Co./Zen Music Sound design: Scott Bitinsky, Compound

Trapped in his windblown tent, an Arctic explorer writes in his journal: “Day 82. Coldest day yet. Even the dogs won’t move. No radio contact and supplies are running low.” Then the tent door unzips: It’s Mom! “I brought you some cookies and nice hot cocoa,” she says. Her Jeep Cherokee Sport can go anywhere. Wow: an automotive commercial with a storyline and good writing.
Agency: Bozell, Detroit Executive creative directors: Bill Morden, Gary Topolewski Creative director: Frank Brugos Art director: Dan Councilor Copywriter: Jon Wheeler Broadcast producer: John Van Osdol Producer: Mike Rainoldi Production co.: HSI Productions Director: Zack Snyder Editor: Jeff Wishengrad, Miller Wishengrad Peacock Music: AdMusic
“home run/62 and counting”
This campaign keeps chugging along, this time using baseball’s greatest season to effective purpose. In this exciting ad, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa take turns smacking $9 balls over the fence. Priceless: No. 62. Know who Best Spots pulled for in the great home-run chase of 1998? Roger Maris. Go Yanks!
Agency: McCann-Erickson, New York Deputy creative directors: Joyce King Thomas, Jonathan Cranin Art director: Chris Cereda Copywriter: Eric Goldstein Agency producer: Greg Lotus Editor: Alan Morris, Invisible Dog

“Peter Wong”
“Windows makes using a computer easy, right?” asks Peter Wong, Microsoft engineer. “But this point-and-click thing doesn’t work if you can’t see the screen.” Blind himself, Wong discusses how to build technology that will help the sightless. “Throw away the mouse,” he says, “then make the computer talk to you If you make a computer easy to use by someone who’s disabled, you make computers easy for everyone.” It’s an intriguing concept that makes Best Spots want to learn more.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore. CDs: Bob Moore, Michael Prieve Art director: Whitney Lowe Copywriter: Jed Alger Agency producers: Patty Brebner, Ben Grylewicz Production co.: Director: Antony Hoffman

Miller Lite
“Dances With Dog”
This wacky campaign proves it’s a dog’s life. A Great Dane fetches a beer for the “twist guy” and as payback, the big mutt gets to slow dance with the big man. The meshing of music and facial twitches, human and canine, is hilarious. Hey Taco Bell Chihuahua, there’s a new dog in town.
Agency: Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis Creative director: David Lubars Art director: Harvey Marco Copywriter: Dean Buckhorn Agency producer: Julie Hampel Production co.: Director: Tarsem Editor: Haines Hall, Spot Welders Music: Elias & Associates

A cool concept, this promo asks rock stars, young and old, to identify their musical influences. Here’s a sampling: Roy Davies: Buddy Holly. Chuck D: Muddy Waters, Sly and the Family Stone. B.B. King: Muddy Waters, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson. Joni Mitchell: Sly, Oscar Brown Jr., Miles Davis, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline. Sara McLachlan: Joni Mitchell, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Aretha Franklin. Liz Phair: Joni Mitchell, Lyle Lovett. Ani DiFranco: Joni Mitchell, Aretha.
Agency: In-house Executive producer: Christina Norman Producer/director: Barbara McDonough Editor: Laura Israel, Assemblage Music: John Terelle, Clark Studios

MTV Music Video Awards
“Ben With Manson”
Hollywood’s latest flavor of the month, Ben Stiller, asks Marilyn Manson to help him pick out a suit to wear as host of MTV’s Music Video Awards. “Why don’t you call one of your famous buddies like Woody Harrelson and see if he can send you his hemp suit, then we’ll get Snoop Dogg and he could smoke you. It’d be funny,” says Manson. “That’s a good idea, or know what else I could do?” replies Stiller. “I could come onstage with my ass hanging out, wearing mascara. Then I’d be all bad Ooooo.” Stiller apologizes for the crack. “No, no, whatever,” says Manson. “Like you have an ass.” Remember the good old days when androgynous rockers (David Bowie) actually had musical talent?
Agency: In-house SVP/Marketing and on-air promotion: Allan Broce VP/On-air promotion: Christina Norman Copywriters: Mike Maguire, Tom Kuntz Producers: Benita Husband, Mike Engleman, Marcy Lacenere, Jaye Nydick Production co.: In-house Director: Tim Abshire Editor: Scott Young, Scott Young Editorial

“Jack forgot his briefcase,” says a co-worker. “If he gets to the airport without the presentation, we’re dead.” While Jack hails a cab downstairs, a guy pulls out his cell phone. He could call Jack, but that’s too easy. He could text-page Jack, but that’s not exciting enough. As Jack is about to enter the cab, the guy goes with the two-way radio function. Oops. Jack’s cell phone is in his briefcase. They’re dead. It’s a fun way to rattle off Nextel’s phone features.
Agency: Mullen, Wenham, Mass. Creative directors: Edward Boches, Andrew Lewis
Art director: Michael Ancevic Copywriter: Stephen Mietelski Agency producer: Sarah Monaco Production co.: Gartner Films Director: James Gartner Editor: Andre Betz, Bug Editorial Music: Ear to Ear Music

“Your sister’s not the problem,” says a man to his wife. “I just don’t want to spend two weeks cooped up with the rest of your family.” As he finishes the sentence, the hidebound man begins to choke on a piece of steak. That’s when volleyball star Gabrielle Reece comes to the rescue, spiking the guy’s back and dislodging the meat. “What are you getting ready for?” reads the super. Reece should be getting ready to take a first-aid class. Her flying punch isn’t quite the Heimlich maneuver.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Creative directors: Hal Curtis, Chuck McBride Art director: Leslie Ali Copywriter: Derek Barnes Agency producer: Beth Barrett Production co.: Oil Factory Director: Dom & Nic

Philips Flat TV
“Everything Fits”
This beautifully shot ad follows the exploits of three kids moving into a small, narrow oceanfront house. The couch barely fits through the door, but Philips’ new flat TV has no trouble entering the colorful abode. Once in place, the set is tuned to the Flipper Channel, where our dolphin friend frolicks and avoids tuna nets. The flat TV technology is hot and sexy–the wave of the future–and this spot looks it. It’s also a nice use of the Beatles song “Getting Better.”
Agency: Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG, New York Creative
director: Ron Berger Art director: Phil Silvestri Copywriter: Rich Roth Agency producer: Sid Rothberg Production co.: Director: Tarsem Editorial: Robert Duffy, Spot Welders

Riders Jeans
“Her Little Song”
“I’m beautiful when I sing her little song and she dances,” says mom about her young daughter. And the pair boogie down. “Riders jeans are made to fit beautiful women,” says the VO. It’s a simple and sweet ad, and the little girl is as cute as they come.
Agency: Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis Creative director: Mike Lescarbeau Art director: Georgia Arnott Copywriter: Joan Shealy Agency producers: Clair Grupp, Rob Van Production co.: Palomar Director: Melodie McDaniel Editors: Adam Pertofski, Staci LeVan, Rock Paper Scissors Music: Asche & Spencer

Southwest Airlines
As a just-married couple dance lovingly at their wedding reception, two ushers sneak up from behind and dump the contents of a punch bowl on them. After the Gatorade bath, a super reads: “Must be football season.” Seems Southwest Airlines is a proud sponsor of the NFL. Hey, here’s a separated at birth: How ’bout Southwest CEO Herb Kelleher and Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones?
Agency: GSD&M, Austin, Texas Art director: Holland Henton Copywriter: Brian Brooker Agency producer: Dottie Martin Production co.: Director: Frank Todaro Editor: Dick Gordan, Mad River Post Music: Jeff Koz, Garron Chang, HUM Sound design: Marc Levisohn

Sunny Delight
“Anchorage Otters”
“Mt. McKinley [is] the unlikely backdrop for NFL expansion-team hopefuls the Anchorage Otters, who despite their unorthodox style have their sights set on Super Bowl XXXIII,” says Harry Kalas of NFL Films. The cold warriors do jumping jacks in snowshoes and use snowmen as tackling dummies. The ESPN tie-in is a funny way to pitch a football-trivia contest that will send contestants to the big game in January. By the way, Sunny D: Mt. McKinley is about 150 miles north of Anchorage, not exactly a “backdrop.”
Agency: NW Ayer & Partners, New York Executive creative director: Arthur Meranus Group creative directors: Paul Schwartz, Morleen Novitt Art director: James Rothwell Copywriter: Rob Lenois Agency producer: Mary Morgan Production co.: Industrial Light & Magic Director:Robert Caruso Editor: Alan Chementi Sound: Skywalker Sound

“Just The Two Of Us”
At a fancy restaurant, San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young dines with a beautiful woman. She says: “It’s a little chilly, isn’t it, Steve?” Ever the gentleman, Young takes off his jacket and wraps it around the shoulders of Jerry Rice, 49er receiver extraordinaire. In fact, Jerry accompanies the couple to the theater and on a hansom-cab ride. Hmm. Best Spots to Steve: The hell with this Rice guy. Throw your next pass at the hot babe.
Agency: BBDO, New York Chief creative officer: Ted Sann Senior executive creative director: Charlie Miesmer Senior creative director/copywriter: Jimmy Siegel Art director: Ron Palumbo Agency producers: David Frankel, Lisa Channell Production co.: Headquarters Director: David Cornell Editor: David Lee, US2