Creating A Buzz

After being forced to remove its advertising from Los Angeles bus benches last fall, the maker of a line of hemp-based hair care products has resumed its marketing efforts in the City of Angels using another outdoor medium.
Alterna, Los Angeles, is running its ads on the sides of 75 city buses through next month. The ads, which are identical to the earlier effort, feature a large cannabis leaf next to the word “Hemp,” and a message that Alterna’s shampoos are THC [drug] free.
The company insists its products have nothing to do with the drug culture. Hemp is a natural product that can be used to help the economy (via farming) and the environment, according to Alterna representative Kimberlee Mitchell.
Alterna removed its 106 bus bench ads last fall after Glenn Levant, president and founding director of Los Angeles-based DARE America, lobbied city officials to remove them.
Alterna, which markets its products exclusively through salons nationwide, plans to target Boston and Phoenix next.
–Angela Dawson