CP+B Deals Five-of-a-Kind DVDs for Borders

NEW YORK Seeking to energize a “Buy Four, Get One Free” DVD promotion at Borders, Crispin Porter + Bogusky conceived of a make-your-own DVD movie box set. The agency then created several examples of box sets via newspaper and radio ads and viral e-mails.

Newspaper ads, which broke last week, offer suggestions of five movies per box set with a common theme. For example, the “Naive in New York” collection contains Midnight Cowboy, Splash!, Crocodile Dundee, Brother From Another Planet and The Out of Towners. The “Not Affiliated With Mensa” series includes Dumb and Dumber, Biodome, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, This Is Spinal Tap and Palookaville.

“We wanted to stoke people’s imagination, convey understanding of content and then have ‘Buy Four, Get the Fifth Free’ promotion work as the enabler, the tool that helps you do this a little bit easier,” said Tim Roper, creative director at the Los Angeles shop.

In addition to the ads, CP+B creatives also designed a storage unit, available free at Borders, in which consumers can house their movie collections.

Radio spots, which broke last week, feature actors who have become known for one small movie role, such as Edie McClurg, who plays the high school secretary in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, reciting box set suggestions.

The movies in the box sets were determined by the creative team of art directors David Steinke and Ben James and copywriters Robin Fitzgerald, Paul Johnson and Roper, who held brainstorming sessions and yelled out suggestions.

“I found a particular use for my knowledge of useless [movie] trivia,” Roper said “We had 50 examples of creative box sets. It got really fun. Finally we just had to stop.”

Radio ads are running throughout the month in spot markets.