An eye-catching direct mail piece for the NBA’s Washington Wizards from Crosby Marketing Communications re-creates the look and feel of a basketball.
An embossed orange envelope with basketball-like bumps was developed by the Annapolis, Md., shop. It was targeted at corporate executives in and around Washington, D.C., in hopes they would consider season tickets as a business investment in building client relationships.
“We purposely focused on the entertainment value, as opposed to promising success in the upcoming season,” said creative director Tom Dijulio. “We knew that whatever we put together was going to have to stand out and break through physically in somebody’s mail because it was such a high-end target.”
Recipients were offered four complimentary VIP tickets to a preseason game and a basketball autographed by a Wizards player when they met with a team rep.
Wizards spokesperson Ann Nicolaides said the direct mail campaign has “already more than paid for itself.”
–T.W. Siebert