Court TV: The Brainyard Defends Goldwin Golf’s New AVDP System

The Brainyard, an Orange County, Calif., creative boutique, recently completed a new TV campaign for Goldwin Golf.
The estimated $3 million effort highlights the Carlsbad, Calif.-based golf club manufacturer’s patented AVDP system. The company has “reconfigured the weight of the clubs,” explained Scott Poe, chief executive officer and creative director of The Brainyard. “The swing weight is heavier and enables you to hit the ball harder and straighter without swinging the club as hard, giving the player greater control.”
The ad campaign, consisting of two 30-second spots, will air during major PGA tour broadcasts over the next six months. A 15-second execution of one of the spots will air on Thursday and Friday tournament broadcasts on the ESPN and USA cable networks.
The tongue-in-cheek ads feature three pro golfers in a courtroom, testifying on behalf of Goldwin clubs. In the first ad, a prosecutor tries to block a patent for the AVDP system. Pros Billy Casper, John Jacobs and Nick Price testify on behalf of the clubs, which have helped their game. A jury finds the clubs “guilty, of superior distance, accuracy and control.”
The second spot continues the narrative, with a reporter interviewing the golfers outside the courtroom after the trial. The pros continue to extol the virtues of the clubs.
Both spots end with Price telling the viewer to “put the AVDP advantage in your bag.”
“We wanted to use a different tactic other than the ‘I use these clubs and I win’ [approach] used in other golf commercials,” Poe said. “We wanted to stand out in the crowd.”
Poe brought the Goldwin Golf account with him two years ago when his shop, Poe Advertising, merged with The Color Edge, both in Costa Mesa, Calif. The client placed the account in review, awarding it to Foote, Cone & Belding’s San Francisco office a year ago, according to Poe. FCB only handled the business for two months before The Brainyard was rehired, Poe said.