Arnold has changed at least one element of its marketing strategy for employment Web site

The guy in the clam suit is out; a hockey team dressed as bunnies is in.

A 30-second TV spot that hit national airwaves last week shows the rabbit-eared squad weaving in and out of corporate cubicles as a voiceover exhorts young adults seeking their first jobs to post their résumés on

Applicants can expect to find: “Part time. Full time. Internships. Just about any job you can imagine. Except for playing hockey in bunny suits. Those positions have been filled.”

Boston-based Arnold last year produced a spot featuring an actor dressed in a clam suit to illustrate the kinds of oddball jobs people might have to settle for if they don’t use the client’s e-service. “Never settle” is the tagline, introduced by Arnold nearly two years ago.

John Kearse wrote the bunnies spot, teaming with art director Lee Einhorn, under the supervision of associate creative director Wade Devers and group cd/managing partner Pete Favat. Peter Care directed.