Corona Drops Hint About Drinking Responsibly

DALLAS Corona Extra is adding a twist to the typical beer industry’s cautions about the dangers of intoxication with the tagline “Relax responsibly.”

The new commercial, created by The Richards Group in Dallas, show a water droplet traveling down a Corona beer bottle that sits on a beach chair. The droplet falls onto a coconut, causing a leaf to spring to life.

In addition to warning young adults about excessive drinking, the spot also supports environmental concerns, according to the San Antonio-based Gambrinus Company that markets the beer in the U.S.

“Corona also has an opportunity to influence how drinkers treat the world around them by gently prodding them to be more environmentally minded,” said Don Mann, group general manager at Gambrinus.

Gambrinus distributes Modelo’s Corona Extra, Corona Light, Coronita Extra, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo and Pacifico Clara beers in 25 states, the District of Columbia and the Caribbean.

The media budget behind the new work was not disclosed. Gambrinus spent $51 million advertising Corona Extra and Corona Light Beer in 2004 and $19 million through June 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.