Contently Launches Multimedia Offering for Brands

Content marketing platform taps 100 contributors to start

As content marketing matures, brands are increasingly looking beyond text to media like video and graphics. Contently, a company that connects journalists with brands, is looking to capitalize on that trend by increasing its roster of freelancers to include multimedia experts.

"We're getting more inquiries around infographics and videos and photos," said Shane Snow, a Contently co-founder. "There's more than one way to tell a story. Often the best way to tell a story is not through the [written word]."

About half of the 100 professionals who are officially part of the new effort were already in Contently's network, Snow said, and the group includes a handful of small video production companies. Each contributor was screened by someone at Contently to confirm that he or she has published multimedia work in a top newspaper, magazine or online publication, Snow added.

Snow declined to name brands that are launching upcoming multimedia campaigns with Contently. But the company's network has done multimedia work in the past, for brands including GE, Facebook and American Express, per Snow.

The multimedia professionals make up a small group compared to Contently's network of writers, which is around 25,000. But the 100 contributors include HBO documentary producer Matt Tyson and Emmy Award-winning journalist Karlyn Michelson, according to Snow.