Conn.’s Rell Makes Ad Debut for Public Safety

BOSTON M. Jodi Rell, Connecticut’s new governor, makes her TV ad debut in campaign that urges state residents to drive safely during the holidays.

This is Rell’s first appearance in a television commercial since taking over as governor following the resignation of scandal-plagued John Rowland this summer.

Independent agency Cashman & Katz in Glastonbury, Conn., created the integrated campaign for the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The effort includes two TV spots that will run statewide on broadcast and cable beginning Dec. 1.

One spot, “Voices of Reason,” features kids explaining that “during the holidays lights are everywhere, but you should always stop for traffic lights.” The spot wraps up with Rell surrounded by children on a playground. A second spot, “Honkin’ Happy Holiday,” shows numerous hands honking horns. It quickly becomes clear the horns are playing “Jingle Bells.”

In a 60-second radio commercial, a police officer pulls over Santa Claus on Christmas Eve because he flew past a stop sign. Print executions will appear in regional magazines, and posters have also been developed.

C&K’s Lew Cohn oversaw the campaign, serving as creative director and copywriter.

—Adweek staff report