Connelly Touts Reebok Golf

Connelly Partners last week unveiled a print campaign for Reebok’s Duratrac line of golf shoes.

A series of ads created by the Boston agency will appear in publications such as Golf World. The executions feature closeups of the spikeless soles of the Duratrac shoes and the line, “Be comfortable with everything but your score.”

One ad features text proclaiming, “Some people will do anything to improve their game. Even wear a shoe that looks like this,” while another reads, “Memo to the course: Who’s stepping on who?”

Duratrac represents Connelly’s first paid advertising work for Reebok; the client conducts most of its advertising through Berlin Cameron & Partners, New York. That shop unveiled a new corporate line, “Defy Convention,” for the Canton, Mass., sneaker company during the Jan. 28 premier of Survivor II: The Australian Outback following NBC’s broadcast of the Super Bowl. A 60-second ad starring Wimbledon champion Venus Williams, basketball superstar Allen Iverson and other high-profile athletes was used.

Connelly Partners does not employ that line in the golf shoe ads, though agency and client contend that the effort adheres to the spirit of that positioning. “‘The Defy convention’ slogan was definitely the motivation behind what we were doing,” said agency founder Steve Connelly, a former president and creative director of Boston shop Ingalls before its 1999 buyout by Holland Mark.

“Our Duratrac spikeless shoe fits the demand for comfortable, spikeless shoes,” said Robert Rosean, vice president of marketing for Reebok. “And this shoe’s unconventional design, durability and performance also fits with the ‘Defy convention’ position.”

Connelly’s work with Reebok began last fall, in the form of design and marketing materials used at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., where the shoes were introduced. Connelly hopes to create more ads, though no specific plans are in the works.