Confronting a Hidden Problem

Local Group Fights Same-Sex Domestic Abuse
BOSTON – A billboard and transit campaign for the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project takes abuse out of the closet.
David Ekizian of Ekizian Design in Wellesley, Mass., volunteered for the pro bono project, which looks to help raise awareness of domestic violence among same-sex partners and let the tormented know where they can turn for help.
“The rate of domestic violence among gay couples is one in four, the same as it is among heterosexual couples,” Ekizian said in a statement. “We wanted to bring the issue out into the open and let those men affected by domestic violence know where they can get the help they need.”
“He loves me not” is the headline of one lime-green-and-white execution that shows a tightly cropped man’s eye. Below is a toll-free telephone number for the Boston-based Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project, one of the few nonprofit organizations in the country to offer a safe-home network in addition to support and information for victims. The ads feature photography by John Lawler.
Placement of the campaign in outdoor and transit venues has begun. In addition, posters and brochures will be made available to police stations, community health centers and bars.
– Judy Warner