Computer monitors

E-mail has become a prevalent, necessary business tool. Perhaps too prevalent, particularly when employees are running their own ventures on company time.
Synterga addresses this issue in advertising for its e-mail tracking system. The campaign, from Minneapolis agency abDillion, targets senior managers concerned that e-mail is being used for more than business.
Television spots put certain e-mail abuses in a business context through the use of onscreen type. “Are you in the porno business?” reads one against a fuzzy background of what appear to be writhing figures. Print executions echo the television spots. The campaign is tagged,
“Be sure. Keep tabs.”
“We don’t want to come off as Big Brother, but we are playing on business executives’ concern about how e-mail is being used,” said agency president Bill Andrews.
The campaign breaks in the Twin Cities on April 3, and is expected to roll out nationally later this year.
–Aaron Baar