Computer Maker Narrows Review

Toshiba Computer Systems Group has trimmed the list of shops vying for its $20-30 million creative and media account, the client confirmed last week.

At least one agency, VitroRobertson in San Diego, was eliminated from contention, sources said. The shop declined comment.

Client representative Aisha Vincenti declined to give specifics, stating that the Irvine, Calif., company was still in the process of notifying agencies of the cut.

The other shops in the running are Doremus in San Francisco and New York, Mezzina/Brown in New York and Temerlin McClain in Irving, Texas, sources said.

It could not be determined when Toshiba expects to have an agency in place or whether additional meetings will occur. Pitches were held earlier this month, sources said.

The account had been handled by DGWB Advertising in Santa Ana, Calif., for the last two years. The shop, which did not participate in the review, retains the account of Toshiba’s Electronics Imaging Department. That business has a budget of $10 million.

Toshiba launched the review late last year. The client spent less than $10 million on ads last year, per CMR. The budget, however, has increased this year as Toshiba prepares to introduce new products [Adweek, Dec. 10].