Compaq Makes Business Pitch

Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, is set to emphasize hard data over feel-good imagery on Thursday when it kicks off a new leg of its business-focused “Inspiration Technology” campaign.

Compaq plans to break three spots from FCB, New York, during the Compaq Classic golf tournament in New Orleans. One focuses on services, another on Compaq partners like Oracle, Cisco and SAP, the third on end-to-end solutions, from iPaq handheld computers to high-end servers.

One new print execution reads, “Who helps Oracle, the best in business software, get even better? Compaq.” Another, spotlighting the fact that 15 of the world’s stock markets run Compaq technology, declares: “Money makes the world go around. We make the money go around.”

Gary Elliott, vp-worldwide marketing communications, said the latest ads make a more straightforward pitch to business than the “Inspiration Technology” ads that launched last fall. “This is much more business-like in terms of some of the issues being discussed,” he said. “It’s about results.”

Also on Tuesday, Compaq said it will provide wireless Internet to Starbucks customers via iPaq and other handheld devices under the terms of a $100 million deal with the coffee shops.