Color Me Margeotes?

Do clothes make the man? In the September issue of Wired, this characterization appears: “[H]e was typical Eurotrash. Moussed hair, burgundy tie matched with burgundy shirt against a black four-button suit A real Margeotes/Fertitta-at-Indochine look.”
Andre LaPlume, the pen name for the head of an interactive shop in New York’s Silicon Alley who wrote the piece, is describing “Mr. Agency Man” at his favorite chic eatery.
But does the passage truly capture the Margeotes/Fertitta + Partners look? An informal poll of staffers at the shop lends some credence to LaPlume’s take.
“There’s a guy down the hall here who does wear burgundy on burgundy,” said one creative staffer. “He calls burgundy ‘the new black.’ “
Agency president George Fertitta (shown here) says he doesn’t frequent the restaurant. And as far as he knows, “No one at the agency” dons burgundy.
Most staffers sport T-shirts and jeans, or khakis. And they prefer the Time Cafe, which one calls the “Margeotes cafeteria.” –Justin Dini