Cold At The End Of The Rainbow

D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles braved the elements to shoot the latest TV spot in M&M/Mars’ “Taste the rainbow” campaign for its Skittles candy.
The commercial offers a fanciful explanation on how the Northern Lights might have been created. It shows a woman leading a dogsled team across a frozen lake in the Arctic Circle. At a mystical point, she chops through the ice and throws some of the fruit-flavored candies in the water, which then explodes into a rainbow of colors. The final shot reveals the rainbow to be the Aurora Borealis.
The spot was shot last February outside Jackson Hole, Wyo., where the temperatures reached 18 degrees below zero.
“I kept saying we could shoot it on a stage, but the director was insistent that we stay outside,” said Gordon Robertson, vice president, group creative director at the St. Louis agency. “The only things moving were the dogs.”
–Aaron Baar