Colby’s ‘Ricochet’ Marks Vintner’s TV Debut

LOS ANGELES Sparkling wine producer Domaine Chandon has launched the first television advertising in its 30-year history, according to Chandon ad agency Colby & Partners.

The ad, which broke this week in Sacramento, Calif., and Phoenix test markets, takes its cue from a print campaign launched in late fall tagged, “We’ve got to do this more often.” The 30-second spot, “Ricochet,” opens with a couple sitting on a couch, looking bored. The mood is cold and stark. A man appears and pops open a bottle of Domaine Chandon. As the cork flies through the air, it strikes the stereo and music begins to play, hits a light switch, brightening the room, and cruises over lighted candles to spread flames to the fireplace. The ambiance turns festive.

Spending for the effort could not be determined. The Yountville, Calif.-based client spent roughly $1.5 million on ads in 2002 and just over $300,000 through October 2003, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

“Print has always been the foundation for the company’s advertising efforts, but with aggressive plans to grow their business and to build the Chandon brand, we felt that TV was the most powerful vehicle to help accomplish both goals,” said Diane Dreyer, senior vice president and account director at Dentsu’s Colby & Partners in Santa Monica, Calif., in a statement.