Colangelo’s Vegas Flite of Fancy

NEW YORK Larry Gray failed to sink a 50-foot putt and lost his chance to win $1 million in Las Vegas as showgirls, magicians and more than a few pirates tried to distract him.

The 48-year-old retiree made his failed attempt in front of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino last Thursday night. The venue was the site of a contest to see if Gray could put a golf ball in the hole while madness went on around him. The event was the culmination of a six-week interactive mini-campaign for Top-Flite by Omnicom Group’s Colangelo.

The mini-campaign touted the site, at which people could enter their name for a chance to make a long distance putt and win $1 million. The site featured a virtual representation of the putt, so users could get an idea of what they would be facing. is an outgrowth of, a Top-Flite branded site that went live in March dedicated to creatively insulting golf buddies. A “section 2.5 a-hole”, for example, is “a playing partner who knows all the rules and regurgitates them with nauseating regularity,” the site helpfully explains. includes a “Wussipedia” (a collection of hundreds of ways to know if you’re a bad golfer) and a working store for buying joke gifts for bad golfing partners. True to its name, the site positions the golf ball maker as the choice for young males with a competitive streak. was also “gave us a chance to create new news, and increase floor displays. We had to think of a reason for sports stores to give us more floor space and SKUs during the late summer,” said said Ben Applebaum, acd, for Conneticut based Colangelo. “Youvsvegas and theballstogoforit are good examples of a client that has a vision for how it can position a brand that been stodgy for so long,” he said.

There will be additional advertising tied to the upcoming end-of-year holidays and a new campaign launching early next year to coincide with the new golf season. Spending was not disclosed.

“The $1 million putt event [was] an excellent demonstration of the Top-Flite brand—all the fun and excitement of Las Vegas combined with the ability of a golfer to ‘go for it’ in front of a raucous crowd and a multitude of distractions,” said Paul English, director, Top-Flite brand management, in a statement.