Coke Debuts Outdoor Ads With Local Kids

Coca-Cola will blanket New York City this week with outdoor ads featuring local Harlem, Brooklyn and Bronx kids, rather than hip-hop stars or famous ball players.

Fulfilling Coca-Cola’s “Think Local, Act Local” mantra, the soda giant has opted to add city flavor to its latest ads. A similar campaign is being fashioned for Philadelphia, with other cities expected to follow.

“What we wanted to do is bring [the “Life Tastes Good” campaign] to life by combining locally developed creative with what is being done on a national level,” said Ric Casale, marketing director for Atlanta-based Coke’s Northeast region.

“[Using teens] makes it very New-York-centric,” said Casale. “Other regions will be interested in seeing how this takes.”

All ads, to appear on bus shelters, buses and subway panels, subtly feature a 20-oz. bottle.