Cognos Taps Hill, Holliday

BOSTON — Cognos, provider of business software titles such as Impromptu and PowerPlay, has tapped Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos for advertising , a company representative said.

The Ottawa-based client chose Hill, Holldiday, an Interpublic Group agency in Boston, following a review that finished up last week, sources said. The Marketing Works, also in Ottawa, oversaw the search.

Ad spending through August was $1.5 million, per CMR, but sources said the client plans to significantly up its budget to at least the $5-7 million range.

Cognos makes applications development tools for large companies such as BMW, Dow and Verizon. Hill, Holliday is expected to execute a print-based campaign in technology and business publications, targeting corporate decision makers.

The client had recently worked with E. James White Communications, Herndon, Va., and Connelly Partners/CGN, Boston, but it was unclear if those shops pitched the business.