CNN Extends Zahn Segment On Web

CNN this week will extend a popular segment from the series Paula Zahn Now to a multitude of digital platforms. Life After Work, a weekly segment from Zahn’s show that examines retirement lifestyles of baby boomers, will be spun off as a hub on

Starting Jan. 11, timed with Zahn’s latest piece, the new companion Life After Work microsite will feature video clips from the show, expanded coverage of the subjects profiled, photo galleries and various interactive elements. The site will also house several tools, such as a financial-planning calculator as well as an outlet for user-generated video content, which CNN has the option to use on the air. Clips from the show will also be available via CNN’s video-on-demand platforms on various cable providers.

Ameriprise, which has sponsored the on-air Life After Work segments since they launched, has opted to exclusively sponsor all related digital offshoots, a package that includes 30-second video spots on the Web, banners and even VOD and podcast ads. Stuart Burkhoff, Ameriprise’s vp, media and sponsorships, said that given the success of the Life After Work TV campaign in raising the profile of the brand, his team recognized a chance to go deeper with the program and eventually drive more measurable business via the Web.

“The whole origin of this was a desire to do more than just reach our audience but also create emotional connections with users,” said Burkhoff. “In the past, this effort was focused on awareness, but as we move from awareness to more direct metrics, this provided an opportunity to track things like acquisitions.”

To promote the new section, CNN and Ameriprise have partnered on a print campaign that leverages several Time Inc. publications, including Fortune, Time, Money, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine and Coastal Living.